[CREATE] OpenRaster examples, call to developers.

Camille Bissuel cbissuel at yagraph.org
Fri Jul 9 09:09:20 PDT 2010


I've done some tests files, but I was unable to push it back to the git
repo, so here it is (permission problems ?). If Marcos feel to push it for
me, it would be great.

It's unfinished work, but I hope it's useful :
- Tentative files for metadata, made in the latest Krita (2.1.2). Metadata
seem to havn't been saved in the .ora file, so joined is the .kra file.
- Tentative files for complex layers (groups, hide, lock, 4 levels), made in
the lastest Gimp (2.7.1), but my version was unable to export to Openraster,
so I had just put the .xcf file.

Despite that, I think they are good files to start with if you can produce
OpenRaster file from them.

Please ask me if you need more, or to redo them starting from other
By the way, I may be off-topic with theses files, so please tell me too.


2010/7/8 Marcos Diaz <markos at nathive.org>

> > The file doesn't load any layers in Krita because the stack element is
> > missing.
> Woo, stupid people make stupid errors, me :)
> > Can you be more more explicit?
> The guideline I made is really simple, just read the README file, the great
> point of this model is each project could use a subset of features, or all,
> and the result would be several examples generated in several libs, so
> avoiding a 'neutral' examples we had no chance of issues with the 'neutral'
> generator, and of course we save up time making this generator or making the
> examples by hand. In conclusion, distributed is better.
> > it seems more important to make sure there is a set of files
> > covering all distinct OpenRaster features.
> Well. is another point of view, I like it too, but definitely we should do
> something.
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