[CREATE] How open/free do you consider PSD file format?

Olivier BERTEN olivier.berten at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 13:40:02 PDT 2010

Since my aim is a general purpose swatch format, I don't want to
restrict patterns to raster
SVG is of course a format I accept in my sbz files.
In the current state of my reflection, I'm thinking of accepting any
image format. At least the ones covered by free implementations. This is
the reason for my question about PSD. In the specific case of Photoshop
patterns files, I'd like to split the collection into independent files
for each pattern. Of course, Photoshop patterns use a big enough part of
the Photoshop features to make it sometimes impossible to losslessly
convert into the usual "free" formats... Therefore my question about
PSD. The underlying question being: Do you thing it's good to accept PSD
in my sbz file format? <http://www.selapa.net/swatchbooker/#fileformat>
(in the dev version, I'm adding the individual pattern files in the dir
"patterns" in the zip)


Le 24/10/10 17:07, Jon Cruz a écrit :
> On Oct 13, 2010, at 8:43 AM, Olivier BERTEN wrote:
>> So the best solution, in term of content preservation, would be to save
>> these patterns as PSD but I'm not really comfortable with including that
>> possibility in my format. In the other hand, pretty much all free
>> graphic applications are able to deal with that format...
>> So I'd like to have other's opinions...
> One question would be to clarify what you intend to support as a "pattern". Do you intend to limit things to bitmap/raster tiles, or do you want to extend it to fully cover vectors, procedural code, etc?
> That was one of the first issues I spotted when I was looking into this a while back. For one simple example, a "pattern" in SVG is allowed to be anything (vectors, images, gradients, transforms, filters) that will be repeated in a rectangular tiling. http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/pservers.html#Patterns

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