Proposed API Change ( was delayed authentication )

Havoc Pennington
09 Nov 2003 10:05:24 -0500

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 05:18, Willem Dantuma wrote:
> After not getting much response to my previous mail, i dug into it
> myself and found dbus_bus_get blocking in dbus_bus_register. So i would
> like to propose a change to the curent API.

Your previous mail is not in my message-bus-list folder, fwiw. If it's
in the archives maybe my mail setup ate it somehow.

Note that if you dbus_connection_open(), no IO is intended to take place
immediately (the function should be nonblocking), only the socket setup
will happen. So in principle you could set up the auth details after

However, where does your password come from? It seems to me that it has
to come from a dialog with the user, only when a password is actually
required. So this would mean that after deciding on a mechanism that
requires a password, dbus would have to call back to the app and get it
to open an auth dialog. The app couldn't unconditionally ask the user
for all possible passwords.

So the API we need would be some type of
dbus_connection_set_auth_functions() or something like that.