Question with object_path registrations

Seth Nickell
21 Sep 2003 15:17:30 -0700

A note in the docs "the parent_path must have already been registered to
get a list of registered children" or something would probably suffice
(or perhaps some sort of error message?).

The other question is... how do you get a list of registered paths under



> OK, reading through the code I finally figured it out. You have to start
> registering paths *at the base of the tree*, but not including "/". If
> you register "/some/long/path" right from the get-go, it looks like
> things succeeded, but a list of "/some/long" won't succeed because
> "/some/long" is unknown. It may be prudent to help people understand
> this in the docs too, though perhaps this is just me being bubble
> headed.
> -Seth