Richard Hult
Mon, 05 Jan 2004 19:32:06 +0100


Trying to answer the questions collected from the previous discussions:

> * Only handle activation of D-BUS services or other things like
> applications and shared libraries as well?

The usefulness of handling activation of other things than dbus services
in the bus looks pretty minimal. Possible sharing the querying parts
with e.g. an shlib component system could be worthwhile. There is always
the possibility of writing your own factory service for special cases.

> * Some hesitation about the usefulness of primary/secondary owner

Are there some known use cases for this? It sounds more useful to
actually handle this at the application level, for example with a
service that handles all the open windows of an app (instead of having
several running instances of the app), and passes around the "primary
owner" role as windows of the app are closed and opened.

> * Handle activation in a service, in the bus, or client-side in a
> shared library? (Remote activation not as transparent with shared lib)
> * Use bus for querying everything but only activate D-BUS services in
> the bus, and other things separately? (E.g no point in activating
> shlibs inside the bus)

This is not very relevant if we go with just activation of services
(handling it directly in the bus would make most sense).

> * Should use a caching scheme for service/desktop files to overcome
> performance issues (lots of files, lots of translated strings)

This could be done as a separate lib that are shared for both desktop
files and service files (and other things stuff that also uses desktop
like files).

Any comments?


Richard Hult