Activation: b-a-s problems.

Richard Hult
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 23:41:05 +0100

ons 2004-01-07 klockan 18.42 skrev Mark McLoughlin:

> > If we do go for per-language services, then we should probably not
> > consider all the LC_* variables, but only LANG, or otherwise it could
> > quickly become a big mess...
> 	Yes, it is a mess. But I don't think you can ignore it. If we're going
> to make try and make this work then why would we decide that LANG will
> work but LC_ALL or LC_MESSAGES won't work ?

Right, if we go as far as supporting LANG, the framework is already
there and we might as well do the rest too.

My reasoning was that LANG is a bit different, since it affects all the
other ones if they are unset. Making even more of a mess just to get the
ability to change the format of, say, just phone numbers seemed a bit


Richard Hult