aquiring service problem

saroj panda
Tue Mar 9 15:53:37 PST 2004

--- Havoc Pennington <> wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 02:57, saroj panda wrote:
> > Now the communication is going through between my
> > applications using system wide daemon. Is it the
> > correct way of defining configuration for system
> wide
> > daemon?
> No, you've opened up the system daemon completely,
> removing all the
> security restrictions.

>>>>>>>>>If I use the system.conf as it is, the server
is not able to aquire the service and communication
does not go through between the client and the server.
  When the server tries to aquire the service, the
daemon exits. How to I tackle this situation having
all the security restrictions in place?

   There are some functions in dbus where we pass the
address of a pointer to some data structure and that
function allocates memory for this pointer. But, when
I access the elements of that structure in my code to
modify some element, I get compilation error
dereferencing pointer to incomplete type and if I try
to include that header file in my source file, I again
get compilation errors, only dbus.h is allowed to be
included. One example of such function is
dbus_connection_send_with_reply which takes
DBusPendingCall **pending_retur as an argument and
accessing reply element of  DBusPendingCall gives
compilation error. What is the reason behind this?


> > I am using 0.20 release. Is there any other
> release
> > latest than this release available? 
> There is a cvs version,
> > There is one debian package dbus-glib-1(0.20-6)
> > available. Is it different from 0.20 release?
> That's the glib bindings.
> Havoc

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