aquiring service problem

Havoc Pennington
Tue Mar 9 22:48:14 PST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 10:53, saroj panda wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>If I use the system.conf as it is, the server
> is not able to aquire the service and communication
> does not go through between the client and the server.
>   When the server tries to aquire the service, the
> daemon exits. How to I tackle this situation having
> all the security restrictions in place?

You have to install a security policy that allows your particular app

For the daemon exiting, you need to debug why the daemon crashes, start
by getting a backtrace in gdb.

>    There are some functions in dbus where we pass the
> address of a pointer to some data structure and that
> function allocates memory for this pointer. But, when
> I access the elements of that structure in my code to
> modify some element, I get compilation error
> dereferencing pointer to incomplete type and if I try
> to include that header file in my source file, I again
> get compilation errors, only dbus.h is allowed to be
> included. One example of such function is
> dbus_connection_send_with_reply which takes
> DBusPendingCall **pending_retur as an argument and
> accessing reply element of  DBusPendingCall gives
> compilation error. What is the reason behind this?

You can't access private struct fields, you can only use accessor


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