dbus-send error

Anthony Metcalf anthony.metcalf at anferny.ath.cx
Tue Mar 30 06:10:18 PST 2004

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004 16:05:30 +0200
Owen Fraser-Green <owen at discobabe.net> wrote:

> No, this is something that has puzzled me with dbus-monitor. Taking a
> quick look at the source I see that it calls
> dbus_connection_add_filter and I'm not sure if that will ever see
> anything without either having owned a service or calling
> dbus_bus_add_match but maybe someone can set me straight on that one.
> Someone posted a patch to dbus-monitor a couple of months ago to this
> list which you may find in the archives. I think it let dbus-monitor
> take a rule parameter so you could do:
> dbus-monitor ''
> to see everything.

Ahh so long as it's what I should be seeing I'm not too bothered. Next
step is making sure Hal's working.

Thanks again.
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