Problems with empty Arrays and Dicts in untyped languages

Lennart Poettering mzqohf at
Thu Jul 28 06:36:57 EST 2005

eOn Wed, 27.07.05 16:10, John (J5) Palmieri (johnp at wrote:

> Hmm, ok so it seems like it would be a pita for other languages.  Havoc
> suggests I just get off my lazy ass and implement Introspection ;-)   I
> tend to agree.  If DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY_EMPTY is not dead simple to implement
> everywhere I don't think we should do it. Will spend my time
> implementing introspection and adding explcit type casting for arrays
> and dicts.

Does this mean that passing empty arrays from python will work only
when the server side provides introspection information? 

I cannot say I like this as my server currently does not provide this info.


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