Cross posting as I am not sure what is going on between dbus and networkmanager

Steev steev at
Sun Jul 31 19:50:17 EST 2005

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Steev wrote:
> I have pam_console setup, and I compiled dbus with
> --with-console-auth-dir=/var/run/console
> I am logged in, dbus session is running, and I checked /var/run/console,
> there are 2 files in there, console.lock and steev, steev contains "1"
> and console.lock contains "steev"
> Aside from the fact that it is cvs code, does anyone have any idea what
> I might have done wrong? :)  Sorry if this bothers anyone because of
> cross posting, I just don't know if the problem is dbus, or NM.
> Thanks!

Actually, I now realize that the problem is definately dbus, but not
sure what might have broken.  I realized it because I am also testing
out gnome-power ( and when I started
Xorg, Gnome Power popped up a notification saying that PowerManager
wasn't running, and now I look in the gnome-power.conf file in
/etc/dbus-1/system.d and it also has at_console.

I can't really tell why it is broken from the ChangeLog though.
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