end of a dbus signal message

pan pan at zutt.org
Tue Oct 18 07:27:39 PDT 2005

Dear dbus experts,

I'm writing a dbus monitor for a chat client (aMSN) in tcl.
Do this by opening a pipe to "unbuffer dbus-monitor --session/system".
Below are two example signals I sometimes receive. And the main reason why
I made this plugin (to know I received new mail by a nice notification

My question is, is a dbus signal always two lines?
Is it always true that there is one header line\n and one body line\n ?
Maybe I overlooked this in the specification, couldn't easily find it and
someone told me it was not always two lines.
If that true, how can the end of a message be detected?

Thanks for your help.

signal sender=:1.270 -> dest=(null destination)
interface=org.gnome.evolution.mail.dbus.Signal; member=Newmail
 0 string "imap://jonne@imap.isa.ewi.tudelft.nl/Sent%20Items"

interface=org.gnome.evolution.mail.dbus.Signal; member=MessageReading
 0 string "INBOX"

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