Perl bindings release - Net::DBus 0.32.1

Daniel P. Berrange dan at
Fri Sep 2 01:25:28 EST 2005

Rather than providing another snapshot of my CVS repo, I've uploaded
a real release of the Perl bindings to CPAN:

It can be browsed[1]

Since it only depends on the core C apis in DBus, this version ought 
to compile & work with any DBus release since 0.32. I've explicitly
tested it with releases 0.32  and 0.35.2.

There have been a number of API changes since the last snapshot, in
particular, the way in which introspection data is defined for exported
objects. The changes were intended to significantly lower the burden of
developers when defining introspection data. 

There is a summary of changes to be aware of here:

For more details on how to define introspection data, consult the manual 
pages for Net::DBus::Object and Net::DBus::Exporter, and also the
example programs

Finally, I've been writing 2 real world applications using DBus which
ought to give a clearer & more complete picture of using all aspects
of the Perl bindings. The first is a simple service for playing music

And the second is music jukebox, which both provides its own service,
and uses the aforementioned music player service

These apps will form the basis of a forthcoming tutorial on writing
using & providing DBus services in Perl.


[1] Unfortunately the CPAN HTML API doc convertor failed on the most
    interesting manual page Net::DBus::Object :-(
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