Getting a list of object paths for a service ?

Daniel P. Berrange dan at
Fri Sep 2 02:05:21 EST 2005

When debugging interactions between services I've found it very helpful 
to be able to dump information about the bus & services running on it.
It is currently possible to get a list of services attached to a bus
using org.freedesktop.DBus.ListNames(). At the other end of the scale,
it is similarly possible to get a list of methods, signals & properties 
exported by an object using the Introspect() method. What I can't seem
to find is any way to get list of object paths registered by a service.

Is such information even known by the bus, or does it remain within the
client providing the service ? Looking at the impl of the function
dbus_connection_register_object_path() it doesn't look like details
about exported object paths are provided to the bus. Would it be worth
defining an common interface & object path at which bindings could 
automatically provide this info on behalf of services ?

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