How does a home user fix a broken DBUS ?

Rod Butcher rbutcher at
Tue Dec 26 13:39:02 PST 2006

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Rod Butcher wrote:
>> Greetings from sunny Sydney. I've been using Linux for a few years at
>> home and got used to upgrading to a new release of Gnome and KDE by
>> compiling all the sources. Never had a problem.
>> Since Gnome started using DBUS I've had lots of problems - a lot of the
>> functionality now reliant on DBUS is now broken on my box. I have
>> installed DBUS and it's running.
>> Example of errors : "Failed to connect to socket
>> /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused"
> This one looks like your system bus isn't running. To start it:
> /etc/init.d/messagebus start
OK I started it. Now I get :
Liboobs-CRITICAL **: There was an unknown error communicating with the 
backends: The name org.freedesktop.SystemToolsBackends was not provided 
by any .service files
I have system tools backends installed. What is the above message 
telling me about it ?
thanks for your patience
>> I'm not trying to blame DBUS or Gnome. But what I'm trying to find is an
>> "Idiot's guide to DBUS" and how the home user can help himself when he
>> breaks DBUS (i.e. what needs to exist where for apps to hang together).
>> I've looked at the DBUS doco on but it's over my head.
>> Is there such "amateur sysadmin" documentation ? Because it seems to me
>> that with so many programs now using DBUS, if it breaks the desktop is
>> broken.
> We're pretty much fixing it as it goes. I don't know of any amateur 
> sysadmin documentation. Most installations simply work out-of-the-box 
> because there's little to nothing to be configured.
> If you have problems, simply tell us what it is and we'll help you solve 
> them. If you want to help the community, log your problems into a FAQ and 
> we'll put it on the D-Bus website.

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