How does a home user fix a broken DBUS ?

Rod Butcher rbutcher at
Thu Dec 28 16:47:59 PST 2006

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Rod Butcher wrote:
>>> Perhaps you compiled dbus to look in /usr/local/share or something?
>> This is the output from configuration.
> Nothing jumps out at me. You'll have to debug it further - that's the 
> point of home-brewing a distribution right? ;-)
OK, I managed to do some debugging.. I removed fork from 
/etc/dbus-1/system.conf and set DBUS_VERBOSE=1, as per a post by Bryan 
Clark at RedHat in 2004. I then got the following amongst a load of 
other stuff  :-
2684: client: got command "OK"
2684: Bad GUID from server, parsed 0 bytes and had 0 bytes from server
2684: client: going from state WaitingForData to state NeedDisconnect
2684: exchange_credentials: do_reading = 1, do_writing = 0
2684:  client auth state: need to disconnect
2684: _dbus_transport_disconnect start
2684: socket_disconnect
2684: free_watches start

I tried googling for the error message "Bad GUID" and all I found was 
the c header file. No documentation. Is this Group User Id - as in maybe 
my users aren't set up correctly ? My problem so far has been not 
knowing what to look for.
I'm surprised that it's the system.conf file that I had to change rather 
than session.conf, as I thought that the activity I'm performing 
(looking up userid info) was a session rather than system function.
>> I'm also using shorewall for modem sharing.. can security be a problem 
>> here ?
> There are security considerations of course, but they should all be 
> local. The bus does not listen on TCP sockets by default.
> Havoc

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