[patch] configure tweaks and qt compile fixes

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Fri Feb 10 16:51:07 PST 2006

Brad Hards wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 February 2006 07:04 am, Rob Taylor wrote:
>>Ah, in that case, its my bad, I assumed from the AS_ prefix it was from
>>the autostars m4 macro collection.. I'm now enlightened ;) (Though I'm
>>still in the dark as what the AS_ prefix in autoconf macros actually
>>I'm more than happy for us to mandate modern autotool dependencies - its
>>always been beyond me why projects try to support old (broken) autotool
> Can the patch please be applied then?

I think John Palmieri and Robert McQueen are planning a large
patch-a-thon in the very near future. This patch will go in then.

On a related note, if anyone else has any patches they'd like to see
going in to DBus soon that seem to have been dropped or ignored, please
say :)

Rob Taylor

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