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Mon Feb 13 11:01:51 PST 2006

On Monday 13 February 2006 19:27, John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
> This sounds fine with me.  One of the things we were discussing was
> splitting out all the bindings for 1.0 and creating a testing suite
> which pull the bindings, compile them and then test them against each
> other.  We need to discuss the best way to house the sanctioned bindings
> (do they all have to be at do we have coordinated
> releases? etc.)  It would be good to hear your thoughts on how it should
> work.  Ultimately we want to put on one public face for all the
> officially maintained bindings but what that means is up in the air.

My opinion is that it would be beneficial if all bindings where hosted at the 
same site, so binding developers can easily keep track of each others 
progress, check interoperability and work together on shared resources, for 
example overview documentation like the tutorial.

As for releases I would prefer if bindings could be released separately as the 
API they are binding to might introduce changes that need to be taken care of 
sooner than the next shared release.

However, since providing a single public face is a very good idea, I'd 
recommend some kind of tagging for all-in-one releases.

For example if you, as the maintainer of the dbus base module, wants to 
schedule the 1.0 release for end or march, you would set a freeze date for 
example two weeks before that. Than every bindings maintainer has for example 
one additional week, i.e. still one week before the dbus release, to tag that 
version of his bindings he wants to have packaged with the main library..

The packagers then checkout that tag over all bindings.

Just my ideas, comments welcome :)

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