D-BUS for OS drivers?

Salvo Isaja salvois at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Feb 17 09:59:38 PST 2006

I'm a developer of the FreeDOS-32 project 
(http://freedos-32.sourceforge.net if interested). We are developing a 
free modular protected mode operating system for IA-32.

Due to the heavy modularized design we are using, we are searching for 
effective ways to let modules communicating each others. I'm thinking, 
for example, to file system modules, mass storage modules, input device 
drivers, but also less conventional modules such as schedulers and "API 
emulation" layers such as DOS or Windows API and so on. We are 
currently using function calls with dynamic linking or function 
pointers to create something like OO interfaces.

As a KDE user, I came on the term "D-BUS", searched it in Wikipedia and 
found that it's really interesting! I'm wondering if you think D-BUS 
may be suited for our internal communication, as we really need a clean 
and extensible interface between our modules.

Thanks for any hints, 

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