Introspect documentation for methods, signals, properties

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Sat Feb 18 09:16:33 PST 2006

On Sat, 18 Feb 2006, Tako Schotanus wrote:

> But that would mean that you would need to have those documents installed on 
> your system. I think that is not very useful if what you want is just some 
> descriptive comments when you use the "DBus Object Browser" (ok, that does 
> not exist yet, but I've seen kdbus so things like that will become 
> commonplace =). And I don't know if DBus will ever be used for communication 
> between systems but then it might happen much more often that you won't have 
> those docs installed.

I've already had someone contribute a dbus 'browser' to the Java
bindings and I have written an XSL that converts the introspection data
into a javadoc-like interface description. Both of these could really
use short descriptions.


Matthew Johnson

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