Errors and the introspection format

Tako Schotanus quintesse at
Tue Feb 21 02:43:01 PST 2006

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Robert McQueen wrote:
>>> This will make the introspection data contain the
>>> org.freedesktop.DBus.Method.NoReply annotation. When generating code
>>> for one such method, I'll use the "fire-and-forget" mode.
>> Er... an asynchronous call is not the same as not waiting for a reply.
>> There are three ways to call a method from the perspective of the client
>> side:
> No, in this case it is.
> I'm abusing the term "asynchronous" here. It's being used in the same 
> context as DCOP used it: fire-and-forget.
> I know you can place an asynchronous-with-reply call, but that will not be 
> allowed in the generated code for the Qt bindings. Any user who wants 
> that will have to prepare the message himself and set the slot (callback) 
> that will receive the reply.
Just curious, but is there a reason this won't supported? Just too 
difficult to do right in a generic way? Or?


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