DBUS C++ bindings?

Rohit Chaudhri rohit.chaudhri at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 16:34:42 PST 2006

I have recently started to work with DBUS. I want to use it as the IPC
mechanism on an embedded system. I want to use the DBUS C++ bindings
for my applications. I read some emails on this mailing list from 2003
about DBUS C++ bindings. I've downloaded DBUS 0.60 and the C++
bindings available from the website. I haven't looked very closely at
the code yet, but it seems that the C++ bindings are not complete yet.
Is this true? If there is a newer version of the C++ bindings
available, can someone point me to it?
If not and the C++ bindings are not yet complete, I'd look further
into this to figure out what remains to be done and will try to
complete it. Any pointers regarding this would be appreciated.


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