DBUS C++ bindings?

sampo.nurmentaus at movial.fi sampo.nurmentaus at movial.fi
Thu Feb 23 23:08:20 PST 2006


>> I don't think there are any actively-developed C++ bindings other than
>> the Qt bindings. Of course you can also just use the C API from C++.
> On reflection I'm probably wrong about this, Murray was maintaining the
> gtkmm-affiliated bindings last I knew.

glibmm would be very nice. I have created mainloops, ipc and io handling
my self for a C++ apps on embedded linux, but using d-bus and glibmm
might save a lot of development time. glib provides also other
practical tools and makes your applications very portable.

Anyway, using TCP/IP for IPC on an embededded system gives you
the possibility to run some of the apps on desktop and some on
the target, which might be practical sometimes. Maybe a non issue
if using scratchbox as a NFS root for your target, since then
there is no difference wheter you run software on target or on


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