[dbus-glib] questions

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 10:31:23 PST 2006


I'm programming the xhat dbus plugin. I have got some questions:

 - Is it possible to add a signal to the remote_object ? The problem is
that all methods and signals are defined in the XML file so I don't know
how to add a signal "on-the-fly" (after

 - Is it possible to create an object instance for each client that
connect to the service ? Like that the object can have different data
for each client and react differently... I think it's possible by
creating an main object with a "GetRemoteObjectName" method witch create
and export a new object. Like that the client call this method and get
the name of a new object that is just for him (not sure i'm clear). I'm
wondering if it's a good way ? Is it another and better way ? And how
can I know when the client disconnect to destroy the object ?

Xavier Claessens.

PS: Sorry if this mail arrives 2 times but I changed my email adresse so
previous mail is in moderation waiting for approuval because my old
email adresse wasn't registred to the list.
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