Java Bindings now releasable---what next

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Wed Jan 11 08:25:10 PST 2006

I believe my Java bindings are now in a state they can be released for
people to try out. There is a Java 1.4 backport with the more common
features which I have tested with kaffe, gcj and jikes.

What's the best way to take this forward. I could at this point just put
the tarballs on my website, but it would be nice to integrate it
somewhat with the main release, even as just a link on the web page.

What you do guys think is best? At the moment it is in a perforce
repository on my own server, but if you want to put in freedesktop CVS
thats also fine.

Release tarballs and debs for etch are available here:

The 1.5 bindings are backwards compatible with the 1.4 bindings, hence
the versioning. When free VMs and compilers have 1.5 support they can
just install the newer version.


Matthew Johnson

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