How to discover introspection toplevel objects

Tako Schotanus quintesse at
Wed Jan 25 10:31:39 PST 2006

Robert McQueen wrote:
> Tako Schotanus wrote:
>> I understand, I wasn't talking about auto-generating, what I meant was:
>> can we expect our beloved dbus-develoeprs to at least implement
>> introspection for all their objects thereby leading by example? :-D
>> That way anyone _not_ implementing will hopefully starting feeling bad
>> enough to do so afterall, or am I being naive?
>> Cheers,
>> -Tako
> I'd like to hope that:
> a) all of the bindings supported by D-Bus upstream are fully featured
> enough to support introspection
> b) all of the bindings supported by D-Bus upstream are fully featured
> enough that people can use them for whatever they want, and aren't
> forced to use the low-level bindings for some things, negating the
> benefit of (a)
> I would make both of these a criteria to call a binding "1.0". In some
> cases, we have a bit more to do.
Ok, understood.

But I was also talking about the objects/interfaces that form the basis 
of DBus, that's why I referred to the "freedesktop objects".

Because when I tried to make a "bus browser" like a year ago (or when 
was it when the first introspection implementation was done?) it soon 
became obvious that it was supported by too few objects.

So I understand that the bindings will do most or even all of the work 
for the developers that _use_ DBus, but the DBus-objects themselves 
should also support it. And I assume they are all written in a more 
"low-level" manner so they may need manually implemented introspection. 
But maybe I´m way off here :-)


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