Introspection support for server using the low-level API

Daniel P. Berrange dan at
Tue Jun 6 09:26:24 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 05:45:46PM +0200, Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> Hi guys,
> the upcoming D-Bus enabled Bluetooth server is using the low-level D-Bus
> API only. The choice for that is on purpose. However for the client we
> don't limit them and it is possible to use whatever is available. And to
> make the life of client application programmers easier, I want to add
> introspection support. Any hints or good documentation on how to do this
> with a server using the low-level API?

Introspection is just implemented as a DBus method under a well-known 
interface, so it should be no different in approach than any of
the other methods you're supporting.  Basically, you want to provide
a method called  'Introspect' within an interface with a name of
'org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable', and have it return an XML
document describing your application interfaces.

The API contract is described here:

The XML format is here:

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