DBUS protocol on unix pipes?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at trolltech.com
Sat Jun 10 05:13:31 PDT 2006

nf2 wrote:
>Aah thanks. So i need to pass the filedescriptor as command line
>parameter to the child.

That's one option. Another is to use one of the standard filedescriptors.

>And then i have to use the following internal functions on both sides?

You're not supposed to use internal functions.

>Just to explain this more precisely: The required feature would be to
>receive a callback from DBusConnection when the outgoing message queue
>is empty - to pick up the next data-chunk (like dataReq in KIO).

When the library tells you to switch off the file descriptor 
watch-for-write, that's when  you know the outgoing queue is empty.

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