dbus and kde on terminalserver

Jakub Stachowski stachowski at hypair.net
Wed Jun 14 04:30:11 PDT 2006

Dnia środa, 14 czerwca 2006 11:18, Wilhelm Meier napisał:
> Hi,
> we use a gentoo-box with hal/dbus support and kde (3.5.2) as a
> terminalserver. kde uses only the system message bus bus and therefore, if
> one of the users plug in an usb device, the will be the kde
> mount-popup-windows for all loged in users. How can I direct the messages
> to only one display?
> Will this be addressed in kde 4?
> O.k., this scenario isn't very useful, but we want to use it in the future
> with gentoo-diskless-terminals. 

It is also useful in case where several people use the same machine and 
instead of logging out they switch between X servers (kde has session 
switching feature for some time now).

> There we need to transport the client dbus 
> messages to the server dbus to the right session. Is there a way to do
> that?

I think there is way to prevent application that is not on current console 
from receiving signals or messages. It should be enough to solve this 

> I read about remote messages in dbus. Is this already usable?
> Thanks,
> Wilhelm

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