dbus and kde on terminalserver

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at trolltech.com
Wed Jun 14 05:56:37 PDT 2006

Wilhelm Meier wrote:
>If the user plugs-in a device, the local hald on the thin-client sends
>messages to the dbus of the thin-client, which are not recognized (there
> is no session). Now, one could make the new device of the thin-client
> available on the terminalserver, for instance via network-block-device.
> In this case it would be useful to inform the session on the
> terminalserver of the new device for the session.

Then you need to have this:
1) the thin-client's HAL detect the new device
2) that HAL take action and notify the terminalserver of availability of 
that device
3) terminalserver and thin-client connect the device via network block 
4) terminalserver's HAL detects the new network block device
5) terminalserver's HAL informs ONLY the user session that there is a new 

>This would require that the kde-session, e.g., listens to the
> session-bus, which is actually not the case, afaik. But I will ask the
> kde-people for kde4.

No. It requires a lot more work in HAL before anything even arrives to the 
mediamanager in KDE or any other high-level interface.

>The LTSP-people do something similar, but without using hal/dbus I
> think.

That's steps 2 and 3 that I listed above. It doesn't have to be D-BUS, but 
it could.

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