[D-Bus] cross-compiling qt bindings of dbus 0.62

Roberto Farina farina at cefriel.it
Wed Jun 28 07:01:18 PDT 2006

Hi everybody,
trying to cross compile dbus 0.62 for a ppc environment with a gcc 3.3.3
  the compilation fails on qt/src/qdbusbus.moc.
attached a patch that fix the problem.

A couple of issues when cross-compiling:

during configure, the following tests fails:
posix getpwnam_r
abstract socket namespace
and I needed to rce their result in configure.in in order to overcome
the problem.
the same way, an error is issued entering the bus directory: it seems it
links against the system expat library, not the crosscompiled one.

Best regards

Roberto Farina
CEFRIEL ­ Politecnico di Milano
Via Fucini, 2 · 20133 Milano (Italy)
p. +39 02 23954 345 - f. +39 02 23954 254
e. roberto.farina at cefriel.it - w. www.cefriel.it
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