[D-Bus] cross-compiling qt bindings of dbus 0.62

Roberto Farina farina at cefriel.it
Wed Jun 28 07:38:32 PDT 2006

I hacked the configure script and changed min_qt_version from 4.1.3 to

Are you saying that upgrading to 4.1.3 everything runs fine?

I'm expecting the problem with qdbusbus is due on how the toolchains
manages templates. Compiling the same code on my host machine with a
3.4.x toolchain everything goes fine; with the 3.3.x cross toolchain
syntax errors appear.
This sounds to me as a compiling problem rather than a linking problem.

Even upgrading to 4.1.3, I think other problems won't be affected, the
couple of tests that fail and the expat stuff

Best regards

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Roberto Farina wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> trying to cross compile dbus 0.62 for a ppc environment with a gcc 3.3.3
>>  the compilation fails on qt/src/qdbusbus.moc.
>> attached a patch that fix the problem.
> Please upgrade to Qt 4.1.3. The bug you hit was fixed in Qt 4.1.1 
> actually, but there are more fixes in Qt 4.1.2 that you need.
> By the way, the configure script checks for Qt 4.1.3. Did you change it so 
> that you could compile or did it allow you to proceed anyways?

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