system.conf question

Mark S. Townsley mstownsley at
Wed Jun 28 17:52:51 PDT 2006


My system.conf has this line:

<policy context="default">
    <allow user="*"/>
    <allow own="*"/>


I read that allow user * means anyone can connect to the system bus.
My dbus daemon is started by root.  And my server app is also started by
If root starts the client app, everything runs fine.

If nobody or another user starts the client app, I would either get

   "No reply within specified time"


  "Using your real home directory for testing, set DBUS_TEST_HOMEDIR to
   No reply within specified time"

So under what situation is  user="*" really be honored?  Or am I using this
config option in a wrong way?

Thanks for any tips.

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