Mono bindings

Adam Lofts adam.lofts at
Wed Mar 1 08:05:26 PST 2006


I have recently revived my old mono bindings in order to create a telepathy
[1]  client in C#. The bindings haven't been tested very much except with
this. They do support some features the old bindings did not (arrays,
structs, out parameters) and work with current dbus. Joe Shaw [2] seemed to
imply that this alone is enough for them to supersede the old bindings.

If so, then the bindings split seems a handy time to integrate them. This
message is basically just to let people know that these bindings are
available and a snapshot can be found here [3].

Also notice that the snapshot is a git repository! This would be my
preferred method of scm for the bindings.


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