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On 3/1/06, Rémi Cardona <remi.cardona at> wrote:

> I was having some issues with the old bindings, I'll try your new ones
> as soon as I can. How do they compare in terms of code writing? Is there
> some documentation in the tarball? A small tutorial?

There is an "test/example" in the test directory, though is slightly obscure
in providing a server and client in the same process and calling methods
using MethodInfo.Invoke ().

Essentially, define an interface with the [Interface ("a.b.c")] attribute.

[Interface ("a.b.c")]
interface IExample {
void MyMethod (string s, int a);


Service service = new Service ("", Bus.SessionBus);
IExample remote = service.Get<IExample> ("/path/to/the/object");

remote.MyMethod ("hello", 102);

will call a method on the session bus.

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