Mono bindings

Rémi Cardona remi.cardona at
Wed Mar 1 13:55:03 PST 2006

Adam Lofts wrote:
> Hi,
> I have recently revived my old mono bindings in order to create a 
> telepathy [1]  client in C#. The bindings haven't been tested very much 
> except with this. They do support some features the old bindings did not 
> (arrays, structs, out parameters) and work with current dbus. Joe Shaw 
> [2] seemed to imply that this alone is enough for them to supersede the 
> old bindings.
> If so, then the bindings split seems a handy time to integrate them. 
> This message is basically just to let people know that these bindings 
> are available and a snapshot can be found here [3].

I was having some issues with the old bindings, I'll try your new ones 
as soon as I can. How do they compare in terms of code writing? Is there 
some documentation in the tarball? A small tutorial?

> Also notice that the snapshot is a git repository! This would be my 
> preferred method of scm for the bindings.

Rough around the edges but very powerfull. It's the kind of software 
that makes you go "oooh" once you figure it out :)


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