DBUS connection refused

Rohit Chaudhri rohit.chaudhri at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 15:48:02 PST 2006

I have recently built DBUS version 0.60 on my Ubuntu desktop. I want
to use DBUS as the IPC mechanism for some apps I'll implement so am
trying to understand how it works.
When trying to run some of the tests in the tests/ directory I always
get an error message saying that the connection was refused. I'm
pasting below the details of the error message, would appreciate any
help regarding this.
I first launch a session bus using bin/dbus-launch, this prints the following:


I set an environment variable called DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS with the
value as printed above.
After this I try running the tests in the tests directory and get the
following error:

*** Failed to open connection to activating message bus: Failed to
connect to socket /tmp/dbus-eQRpBp1phI: Connection refused
chaudhri at bhramanda:~/workspace/dbus-0.60/test$ test-names
*** Failed to open connection to system bus: Failed to connect to
socket /tmp/dbus-eQRpBp1phI: Connection refused

test-names is looking for the system bus it seems, I have the system
bus running on my machine, how can I configure test-names to use the
system bus correctly? Maybe the other tests also need to use the
system bus, so if I can get one test to work then maybe others will
work too I think.


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