Alan Grimes agrimes at
Thu Nov 2 20:45:05 PST 2006


Everything I have ever learned about the unix operating system has
strongly indicated that non-trivial IPC acceptable for use in modern
applications was completely impossible.

Even on versions of Unix based on *ghasp* modern kernels such as Minix,
including state-of-the-art IPC mechanisms, Extreme lengths and pains
have been taken to render said IPC utilities crippled and unusable.

There seems to be an article in the UN charter which prohibits the
development of good operating systems such as L4 beyond the toy stage.

So, I beg to know, by what sourcery has the miracle of IPC been
implemented on Linux?

Linux is still somewhere between Awful and gawdawful. 2/3rds of the
programs I want to run will instantly crash my machine when I try to
launch them. I've wanted to develop my own OS since 1994. I've pretty
much given up, I have the design but I've been unable to establish a
toolchain that will allow me to do what I need to do. =(

If you tell a linux advocate that you saw Bigfoot, he'd believe you.
If you tell him that you saw linux crash, he won't.

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