possible 1.0 blocker; bus timeout

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Fri Nov 3 09:54:47 PST 2006


Back in March I raised some issues with timeouts


and Havoc said maybe not all is good here


e.g. the bus might time out callers after only six hours.

To recap: the situation is that HAL provides a Suspend() method on a
D-Bus interface. This will suspend the machine using whatever mechanism
is suitable (ACPI, PMU, APM or whatever). When the system wakes up, the
Suspend() method returns. 

The problem, IIRC, which may still exist, is that the bus itself will
time out such method calls after six hours. I'm not sure this problem is
still there but I want to submit it's a bug. And I think it's something
we want to fix before 1.0. Does anyone one if this issue still exists?
And if it does, do you agree we should fix it before 1.0? 

I'm happy to look investigate the problem and provide a patch... but
only if there is some chance a patch will get accepted...

For the record, HAL is widely deployed and quite a few applications take
advantage of this method. It can't be changed without breaking a lot of
stuff. Some people have said that it's bad design and HAL's Suspend
sohuld rather terminate at once and report back a signal when the system
resumes. This is a) something I disagree with; and b) D-Bus is way too
low level to enforce this.

Thanks for considering this.


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