Synchronous calls to the same mainloop

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> > In
> > I have tried to plan how to implement the 2nd option (because it's
> > universal). It's even in TODO (around line 100) (Or was last I
> checked)
> > But we must catch the release date. No time for frivolous changes.
> > So the subject of that mail says what has to be changed in protocol
> to
> > let this option really work.
> Well first, I don't think this should affect the release date.  It's
> can be
If it changes the protocol (by having additional fields) it will get
complains about not working with old programs (for instance dbus the
> incorparated later.   I guess I really don't understand the need for
> a
> callerid.   I think that you can identify that your process sent the
> message
> just by the serial and the send name (as seen in my patch).
That works as long as the call doesn't go through another process:
Process A calls Process B which calls (synchronously) Process A
If you call Process B dbus-daemon-1 it's essentially your problem.
You want to solve it by reconstructing the callerid anew at every call
how the callerid is constructed) but that doesn't work in a call chain
and besides it's task of the library and not of dbus-daemon-1.

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