Synchronous calls to the same mainloop

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Fri Nov 10 09:49:22 PST 2006

On 11/10/06, uwesmail2005-lkml at <uwesmail2005-lkml at> wrote:
> That works as long as the call doesn't go through another process:
> Process A calls Process B which calls (synchronously) Process A
> If you call Process B dbus-daemon-1 it's essentially your problem.
> You want to solve it by reconstructing the callerid anew at every call

I guess I don't see a good use case of Process A synchronously calls Process
B who in the middle of the call synchronously calls Process A.   To me that
seems like a programmer error, something wasn't designed right (where's the
layering?).   I'm really not focused on solving all synchronous blocking
problems because that seems generally impossible, just the case of a Process
wanting to use DBus to Synchronously call itself.
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