Mohamed Attar mattar1 at learn.senecac.on.ca
Mon Nov 13 12:20:08 PST 2006


First, I'd like to say the DBus technology is great. Congrats on the 
release of Blue Bird.

I am a student at Seneca College, and my friend and I are trying to 
start or continue a DBus XPCOM project.

My professor, David Humphrey, is teaching an Open Source coarse, and is 
closely involved with the Mozilla crew. http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki

We are planning to start some integration between the two technologies. 
We probably won't be able to finish, but other students from the next 
semesters would most likely carry it on.

We checked out Christophe Nowicki's DBuzilla project. I tried contacting 
him about his project, but I didn't get much info. Looks like the 
project has put on a halt for now.

We, the students, are new to Open Source technologies, so forgive our 
We are curious as to the direction we should go with this project.
The DBuzilla projects looks like it implements DBus natively to XPCOM 
objects, but I also see there are many bindings to DBus (GLib and that 
openwengo's DBus-CPP looks interesting).

Does anybody have any recommendations as to how we should wrap XPCOM 
around DBus? Would it be possible/best to use the DBUS-CPP library with 
XPCOM? or must it be done natively (like DBuzilla 

Thanks for your time.


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