[ANNOUNCE] D-Bus 1.0 RC 2 (0.94) released

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Tue Oct 17 13:41:51 PDT 2006

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Havoc Pennington wrote:
>> It needs to be stable between reboots. 
> [snip]
>> I think keeping it the same across reboots would make it more useful,
>> but dbus does not require that stronger guarantee.
> Those two statements are incompatible. The UUID doesn't have to be stable 
> between reboots, but it would be nice if it were.

I meant something different by "between" and "across", like:

  ---------------- Reboot --------------------- Reboot --------------

>> If we always regenerate it on reboot by defaulting to /var, then while
>> people might get this wrong at first they'll fix it quickly, since the
>> bug will happen reliably and for lots of users.
> Which bug?

Assuming the uuid is constant across reboots.

> But if we default to --ensure on boot, but to /etc, then we guarantee 
> that:
> 1) testers of the distribution will see a "Read-only filesystem" error 
> during boot and will fix it
> 2) people with standard /etc will have a stable UUID that is maintained 
> across reboots
> 3) people who haven't rebooted yet will not have auto-start working after 
> they first install D-Bus 0.94 (or 1.0).
>> Well, I think it's obviously wrong to have a busted system until I
>> reboot. Assuming we move to /var by default, tell me what the %post will
>> harm.
> It'll only be busted if the file doesn't exist already in /etc. So it's a 
> once-per-machine thing, and that's assuming D-Bus wasn't installed with 
> the system before your first real boot into it.
> This will mostly affect our BSD friends who will build D-Bus from the 
> ports tree, instead of having it installed with the base system.

Well, also I'm pretty sure there are plenty of distributions that 
continue to make virtually everything optional, including dbus ...

Even in the initial install case, I would not be surprised if some later 
%post tries to use dbus at some point, i.e. a %post script can normally 
rely on dependency packages being fully ready to go.


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