[PATCH] *BSD patches plus dbus-launch fix for regression tests

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Tue Oct 24 17:59:34 PDT 2006


Does this add -lpthread in the .pc file on Linux? That's something I 
believe we're supposed to avoid, though hell if I understand what the 
deal with libpthread is.

The dbus-launch change is only partly DBUS_BUILD_TESTS conditionalized. 
I think a less intrusive patch would use an env variable, then you can 
skip all the arg parsing etc. - in fact there may already be some 
relevant env variable like the build dir set in a test context? What if 
you just export the DBUS_TOP_BUILDDIR or something if isn't, from the sh 
script calling dbus-launch?

You could also maybe just fall back to execlp #ifdef DBUS_BUILD_TESTS, 
something I think we do elsewhere, then set the path in the script.

The HAVE_CMSGCRED change isn't everything that I meant; what I was 
suggesting is that we add a HAVE_LOCAL_CREDS, and adding a configure 
check to define that. And do configure in such a way that only one of 
the two will ever be defined. The patch you have looks good fixing the 
existing code, but the configure change would keep us from doing it 
wrong in the future.

Thanks for subjecting yourself to freebsd for a noble cause ;-)


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