[rfc] The Big Picture

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Fri Oct 27 08:14:09 PDT 2006


(No, you didn't include the list in the reply (and it's also bad form to
move private mails to lists). Anyway, whatever.)

In my opinion I'm not sure it's a good thing right now to make D-Bus
depend on Upstart with the current concerns that a number of
distributions (including at least Fedora) now have wrt. what Upstart
really is cf. my previous mail. There's also some problems if Upstart
starts depending on D-Bus but that's probably solvable. 

If you or the Upstart team wants D-Bus or HAL teams to use Upstart for
stating processes... then it would probably be good for them to explain
why this is useful on their respective mailing lists. I'm not sure,
being the HAL maintainer and a D-Bus developer, why it's desirable
though and I don't think Upstart developers do either from what Scott
said on this list a few weeks back.

(The train kinda already left the station with D-bus though... I mean,
with D-Bus 1.0 coming out RSN and all.)


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