OLPC and .service files in a users home directory

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Mon Oct 30 11:06:00 PST 2006


Using the XDG_ locations makes sense to me. Maybe something like
  <servicedir xdg_relative="true">relative/path</servicedir>

I've seen a couple side mentions of merging .service and .desktop; can 
someone fill me in on the goal of that? Other than the two both being in 
.ini format, I don't see the similarity...

Re: cascading config - is there any reason to install config files for 
the session bus? For the system bus it's only the security policy stuff.

John, you mentioned also doing this for the system bus. Allowing system 
bus policy files in homedirs doesn't seem conceivably secure though? 
Does OLPC have some trick for this?

I'd think that on a system allowing homedir installs, there are 
conceptually a couple different kinds of thing to install. 1) OS 
components or "drivers" that have to be in the trusted core - this may 
even be locked down and third party vendors should not expect to be able 
to install this stuff 2) "apps" that anyone can install

Anyway, I don't think any of this can block 1.0 unless it's a lot 
smaller than expected...


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