Bluez: dbus not > 0.35

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at
Tue Oct 31 03:38:20 PST 2006

Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> Hi Thiago,
>>> I'm trying to cross-compile Bluez for an ARM but keep running into a
>>> dbus not > 0.35 problem.  The same problem was posted here a couple
>>> months ago:
>> I think you've got the wrong mailing list. I suggest you talk to the bluez 
>> developers instead.
>> At the very least, we'd need the relevant sections of your config.log. 
>> Does "pkg-config --cflags dbus-1 > 0.35" show anything? (remember to 
>> escape the >)
> please don't send this from one mailing list to another one. The BlueZ
> packages are using simply plain pkg-config to detect D-Bus and they are
> clean and have been working without any problems. The issue is when it
> comes to cross compiling D-Bus. This is not a general D-Bus problem at
> all, but non of its documentation talks about on how getting it cross
> compiled for embedded architectures. With the Linux Bluetooth stack it
> has a serious user in the embedded area.

When you're cross compiling, you usually want to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH
appropriately for the configure invocation. This is probably the issue.

Failing that, can you do

PKG_CONFIG_PATH="<wherever you installed the cross built
dbus>/lib/pkgconfig" pkg-config --cflags --libs "dbus-1 > 0.35"

and paste the result into a mail?

Rob Taylor

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