Problem Installing dbus-python files

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Thu Sep 14 22:34:06 PDT 2006

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That is an extremely old version of D-Bus.  Are you sure your python 2.4
app will work with that version?  Between D-Bus 0.2x and D-Bus 0.3x
there were huge changes.  Newer versions of the bindings won't work with
a D-Bus that old.  In fact each version of the bindings were pretty much
tied to the version of D-Bus running on the system until recently when
we got API/ABI stability.  I would try just copying the python files to
the 2.4 directory and see if that works.

John (J5) Palmieri <johnp at>


John, thanks very much for taking the trouble to reply.

I believe that the problem I troubled this list with is now overcome. I found someone else who was having similar difficulties trying to install the same application as me. He told me how he'd solved a similar problem to mine by installing a package with the suffix "devel". When I installed dbus-devel, the installation script for the application I'm trying to install no longer complained that it couldn't find (the already installed) dbus. It was that complaint that led me to post in the first place.

Thanks again,


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