Compiling on FreeBSD

Steev Klimaszewski steev at
Fri Sep 15 19:10:18 PDT 2006

Hey all,

I am currently working on trying to get Gnome running on Gentoo/FreeBSD
- Gnome 2.16 that is.  Of which, D-Bus and hal are both extremely
important parts.  While I haven't started on hal, I have finally got
D-Bus compiling *and* working.  This is due to a LOT of work by drizzt
(My apologies for not knowing his name off the top of my head, but he is
a FreeSBIE dev) with the final patch in which everything actually works.
 The only issue that I can see is that it does seem to change things
that Linux might depend on.  I am attaching the 3 patches that I needed
to apply in order to get D-Bus working on FreeBSD, and anyone who has a
better idea about them, feel free to comment/rework/whatever.  Would be
nice to have FreeBSD support in 1.0 final :)

One of the patches I am actually not going to attach - it is the same
patch that was sent to the list last night regarding OSX support.  The
other two, I believe one was knicked from ports, and the other, as
mentioned was all due to drizzt's hard work.

The -lpthread is due to FreeBSD's implementation of pthreads, as opposed
to Linux's - and needing to specify that it needs them (this could
likely be something that we at Gentoo would have to apply specifically -
unless there are no adverse affects on Linux, though the only thing I
could think would be an nptl only system, with no pthreads implementation.

The dbus-0.93-fbsd.patch is the one from drizzt and the one that I am
worried changes things that would break for Linux -  could someone
please review and suggest a better work around *if* it would cause a
problem, or let me know either way?

Thanks for all the hard work everyone!

- steev
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