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On Sat, 2006-09-16 at 10:52 +0100, Matthew Johnson wrote:

> On another point, I think it's been said already, but I'll add my voice
> to the choir; upstart probably doesn't want dbus support for it's
> initial IPC (although possibly peer-to-peer dbus), but I think that as
> soon as the system bus is started upstart should connect to it (possibly
> via another process which relays messages; this is an implementation
> detail). From that point on the recommended way of communicating with
> upstart would be via the bus. This may already be the plan.
Yes, this is pretty much the plan.

There are three kinds of "upstart IPC".

The first is the explicit event emission, such as telling upstart that
the machine needs to be shutdown.

The second is the kind performed by the pretty "Services" GUI that lets
a sysadmin list the background services running on their machine, start
or stop them, etc.  This involves IPC to query the state of services,
receive state change notification, change the state, etc.

The third is a kind of general subscription to other events.  To be able
to have services automatically started and stopped when hardware comes
and goes, upstart needs to receive events from HAL, Network Manager,

The easiest way to do the third kind is to just dial into dbus, so when
NM sends the usual dbus message, upstart also receives that, and thus
can start/stop services.

The second kind is a bit flexible; it doesn't really matter whether one
uses upstart's native IPC (which may become peer-to-peer dbus) or dbus
messages, both will probably be available.  The app author can pick
whether to link to libupstart or to libdbus.

The first kind is probably those that you explicitly do not want the
dbus daemons to be involved with, as they're pretty critical; so you'd
usually use the native IPC.  Nothing stops you choosing to use dbus
though, as it would be proxied through.

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